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Water Consumption

Water consumption considerations.

Equipment that requires significant amounts of water—such as combi ovens, steamers and,  most notably, warewashers—contributes heavily to your operating expenses and the water  resources your kitchen consumes each day. Machines that are engineered specifically to  conserve water not only reduce your water and sewage bills, but also save a considerable  amount of the energy used to heat that water.

Hobart warewashers that surpass LEED benchmarks.
The benchmark for water usage by warewashers is provided by LEED Canada for New Construction  and Major Renovations rating system. The LXi undercounter, AM Select door-type and conveyor-type all best that mark.

Hobart's exclusive Opti-Rinse™ system saves more than 50% in water and energy.
The secret behind Opti-Rinse is bigger drops. Bigger is better because biggers drops transfer heat more efficiently to the ware. The result is completely sanitized sparking-dishes.

The Opti-Rinse nozzles also cut down on costs through longer life, easy replacement and use of KYNAR resin, which is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, clogging and heat.

A recent warewash innovation, applies Hobart's patented Opti-Rinse technology to a dual-tank flight-type warewasher for the first time. The result is equipment that uses less rinse water- and less water-heating energy-than any earlier machines, while maintaining the rigorous performance standard Hobart users demand.