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Preventative Maintenance

Safeguarding equipment with preventative maintenance.
Just as preventive maintenance is important after driving a vehicle for thousands of miles in order  to prevent breakdowns, foodservice operators should not neglect simple preventive measures that  can extend the life of their kitchen equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership. Given that  a restaurant can lose thousands of dollars per day if just one crucial piece of equipment is out of  commission, preventive maintenance offers a key opportunity to reduce the total cost of ownership  for kitchen equipment by helping avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance tasks keep equipment running right, resulting in many  operator benefits, including longevity. Properly maintained equipment simply lasts longer and has a  higher resale value. In addition, preventive maintenance enhances operator efficiency and ensures  that equipment operates at peak performance levels, which can prevent costly downtime. Regular  maintenance also provides the opportunity to catch minor equipment problems before they have a  chance to become major ones. Moreover, conducting normal preventive maintenance tasks gives  operators peace of mind in knowing that issues will not be overlooked or postponed. The resulting  benefits can include higher food quality, reduced labour costs, increased energy efficiency and  improved customer satisfaction.

Protect vital equipment with a service contract.
Like insurance, for a fixed annual fee, service contracts can serve as a way to protect investments  by providing comprehensive service support on equipment. Additionally, a service contract can add  protection, and it ultimately results in predictable expenses. For operators concerned about unplanned  expenses, a service contract can provide a financial advantage by being a fixed line item in the budget.  Protection against potentially expensive equipment failures can also give peace of mind. Another  advantage for foodservice operators is when replacement parts, rather than only labour, are included  in the contract. Click here to learn more about Hobart Service contracts.