Energy Star Partner of the Year

Energy Efficiency

CaGBC. Increasing sustainability by decreasing emissions.
Since its inception, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has worked to lead the transformation  of the building industry. By encouraging the creation of buildings that are environmentally responsible,  cost-effective and healthy places in which to live, work and play, the CaGBC is a valuable partner.

Hobart is proud to help support the mission of CaGBC. They share not only our sustainable values, but  also our goal of making "green" a green decision. That's why we continue to manufacture products that  don't just stand up to the demands of today's busy kitchen, but that stand up to the demands of the  next-generation LEED qualifications in Canada.


ENERGY STAR Award 2008 and 2009 Partner of the Year.
ITW FEG has long responded to and supported the energy-saving and sustainable design efforts of our  customers with industry-leading research and development. Today ITW FEG manufacturers collectively have  over 380 ENERGY STAR® qualified units supporting your system with a 10% to 45% energy saving per year.

It takes more than 380 ENERGY STAR qualified units to be Partner of the Year. Let the word go out.  We believe in ENERGY STAR and the energy and water saving their symbol promises our customers.  That’s why you’ll see the ENERGY STAR label on all ENERGY STAR qualified units of Hobart, Traulsen  and Vulcan equipment. It's on Hobart warewashers, steamers, and fryers, Traulsen refrigerators, freezers  and hot-food holding cabinets, and Vulcan holding cabinets, steamers and fryers.