WastePro 1200          

The WastePro 1200 reduces waste by as much as 88%.

WasterPro Product

Quick Facts

  • Reduces waste up to 88% in volume
  • Processes food waste, plastic and Styrofoam®
  • Uses 66% less water than disposer
  • Closed-loop design reuses 95% of water

Designed to help you lower your operation's impact on the environment.

Hobart’s WastePro can help you take the waste out of waste by reducing labour, water consumption and potential hazards to food safety—saving you thousands of dollars every year in the process.

Hobart waste systems are designed to process 57% of the solid-waste material that enters landfills. We’re 100% committed to helping our customers resolve all the issues they face.

Configuring the WastePro for your operation.

Available as both a close-coupled unit and an engineered remote system, the WastePro offers the latest in solid-waste-processing technology with Hobart reliability. The close-coupled WastePro combines the pulper and the water press into one unit. The WastePro Remote separates the pulper and the water press, letting you locate the water press up to hundreds of yards away, usually closer to the dumpster.

Product Spec Sheets


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