Powered Sink

Built to handle the toughest baked-on food soil and dirt.     

Powered Sink Product

Quick Facts

  • Minimizes manual scrubbing, scraping of heavily soiled ware
  • Horizontal water flow cleans sheet pans without using a rack
  • Adjustable timer helps manage utility cost
  • 2-H.P. pump circulates 1,211 liters of water per minute
  • Stainless steel pump and impeller for long life

Space-saving design inside and out.

The Hobart TurboWash II is the answer for operators looking to save time and money. Pots, pans and other heavily soiled cooking ware can simply be placed in it, and the continuous flow of turbulent, heated water provided by high-powered jets will break down the baked-on food soil. With TurboWash II’s stainless steel pump and impeller unit capable of pumping 1,211 liters of water per minute over the ware, operators are assured that even the toughest dirt is blasted away. With Turbowash II taking care of the heavy work, there is a lot less scrubbing and scraping for your employees to do.

Product Spec Sheets


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