FastRack Conveyor System      

Putting your warewashing on a fast track.

Fast Rack Product 2

Quick Facts

  • ENERGY STAR® rated
  • Fully automatic, rack-transport warewashing system utilizing any CLe conveyor-type warewasher
  • Flexible configurations for your space requirements—oval, triangular, L-shaped, etc.
  • Water-saving and energy-savings Opti-Rinse™ technology
  • A continuous-loop conveyor speeds the workflow, reduces labour, handling of ware and decreases breakage
  • High speed, high-volume—up to 367 racks or 9,175 pieces of ware per hour

Flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Each FastRack system is designed and built to individual customer requirements. You have your choice of CLe type warewashers from which to choose. All conveyor warewashers now come with Opti-Rinse™ technology, which uses less than half the water and energy compared to previous models without Opti-Rinse.

High-volume, high-speed operations.

Hobart FastRack systems can handle high volumes with production up to 367 racks or 9,175 pieces of ware per hour.

Rugged construction for long life, lower cost of ownership.

The frame and legs are stainless steel, as are the front panel and anti-clogging wash arms. The table surface is 14-gauge stainless steel with structural cross-supports. Even the control panel is stainless steel.

Easy to operate.

FastRack has simple, intuitive on/off and pump start switches mounted on top of the machine. One-button, automatic fill ensures optimum tank level and the simplest operation. Closing the door automatically actuates drain closure, eliminating extra manual steps and ensuring that the closure is in the correct position.

Labor saving.

The FastRack system can be designed to directly bring the ware to the operators, eliminating the running back and forth to load racks and unload clean ware. This results in significant time saving, reduced handling and less breakage.