CLe Blower Dryer

The most energy-, space- and performance-efficient conveyor blower dryer we’ve ever made.

Blower Dryer Product

Quick Facts

  • Provide ware that's 98% drier than ware washed without blower dryer
  • Designed as a single system with CLe Warewasher for optimum efficiency
  • Uses 76% less energy and 45% less space than prior models
  • Sustainable design, with small footprint and stainless steel Hobart longevity

Water and energy savings.

Using 76% less energy and 45% less space than prior models, the CLe blower dryer is the perfect finishing touch to one of the most energy-, water-, labour- and space-efficient conveyor warewashers in the industry, Hobart’s CLe.

The drive to dry: Get your ware 98% drier.

The faster your ware dries, the faster you can use them, increasing productivity, lowering inventory. With the CLe blower dryer, ware is 98% drier.

The CLe Warewasher and CLe blower dryer: An integrated system designed to deliver drier ware.

Hobart engineered the CLe warewasher and blower dryer to operate as one integrated system. To reduce humidity levels in the blower dryer, the CLe warewasher is designed to help prevent humid heat loss from the end of the machine. The blower dryer introduces a small amount of fresh air to keep humidity levels low. Meanwhile, baffles below the conveyor redirect air upward, recycling the drying air within the chamber, reducing heat loss. A lower-watt heater—reducing energy usage—can thus be used to keep the air hot and humidity levels low. With the resulting humidity levels of approximately 25% to 35%, the ware dries much more efficiently.

Product Spec Sheets


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