CLe Warewasher

The most efficient use of energy, water, labor and floor space of any conveyor warewasher in the industry.
CLe Warewasher

Quick Facts

  • ENERGY STAR® rated, an ideal candidate for a sustainable operation
  • Exclusive Opti-Rinse™ technology for 50% less energy and water usage than comparable models
  • Large, hinged doors for easier access to the interior for cleaning
  • Easy-access controls for rapid verification of machine status, wash and rinse temperatures
  • Cleans up to 8,550 dishes an hour
  • Now available with optional CLe Blower Dryer for ware that's 98% drier

Built for efficiency.

The CLe Warewasher is so efficient, it can clean up to 8,550 dishes an hour with 50% less rinse water and energy and in less space than comparable models. The conveyor warewasher of the future is here and because it’s a Hobart, it’s built to last for years and years.

Opti-Rinse™ is only the beginning of the new and innovative technology you’ll find in the CLe Warewasher. From the Power Scrapper to the patent-pending thermal layered curtains, the CLe features the most advanced technology in warewashing today. Its energy and water efficiency has earned it an ENERGY STAR® rating.

When it comes to saving, Hobart CLe Warewashers let you really clean up.

Opti-Rinse technology reduces water consumption so dramatically, the final rinse water required could be as low as 1.5 liters per rack.

To preserve energy, the CLe has an Auto-timer that automatically shuts off the pumps and conveyor after a preset time, once the rack exits the machine. It restarts the warewasher when a rack re-enters. And every CLe Warewasher has an exclusive Energy Saver mode that can be set by the customer to automatically shut off the entire dish machine, except for the controls, after one to six hours of inactivity, for even more saving.

Never has so much productivity been so easy to use.

To tell how well the CLe Warewasher is performing, all the operator has to do is glance at the digital display to verify the machine status and temperatures. The CLe’s conveniently located, top-mounted, NAFEM Data Protocol compliant controls can be programmed to notify the operator when it is time to delime the machine or to take necessary action if low temperatures or dirty tank water is detected. And the auto-fill feature simplifies operation while ensuring optimum tank water levels.