Hot-Food Holding Cabinets

 Heated cabinets that stay that way.

Hot Food Product

Quick Facts

  • INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor for precise temperature control
  • New heating system distributed hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet
  • ENERGY STAR® rated to help reduce energy costs

Consistent, precise temperature control.

Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets include a new heating system that distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet, eliminating extremely hot or cold pockets. Holding hot food above the Danger Zone temperature 57.2°C to 5°C significantly reduces the chance for bacteria growth and lowers the risk of an outbreak of food-borne illness. It also helps ensure better food quality, higher yield and reduced waste. Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets are also ENERGY STAR® rated, helping to reduce your energy costs.

Heavy-duty construction that stands up to demanding environments.

Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets are constructed with no flare joints. Instead, only soldered joints connect the heating system components, eliminating leak problems. One-piece sides prevent soil buildup and improve overall cabinet strength, making sure it stands up to years of heavy use. A rust- and corrosion-resistant finish also increases the life of the cabinet.

Product Spec Sheets


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