Food Preparation



This versatile tenderizer is taking tender, loving care of the operator.

Tenderizer Product

Quick Facts

  • Lower profile for faster, easier operation
  • Plastic guides direct meat into knives
  • Translucent guard lets operator view processing
  • Variety of knives available
  • Safety interlock system

With its host of accessory knives, the 403 Tenderizer can do just about anything.

It can cut flank steak, sirloin, chicken breast or pork for stir-fry or fajitas. It can strip-cut cooked ham, turkey and cheese for chef salads or garnishes. With its Knit-Knife stainless steel blades, it can cut meat and knit it so firmly together, it will cook as one solid steak. With all it can do, the 403 Tenderizer belongs in every kitchen.

With the 403 Tenderizer, meat can be inserted closer to the blades, making operation easier and faster. Adding to the ease of use is the lift-out design of the unit frame.

The 403 Tenderizer knows how to take care of the operator. If the guard or motor housing is not in place, the remote magnetic sensing switches detect it and prevent feed. Further protecting the operator is the integral chute. It keeps the operator’s hands at a safe distance from the tenderizing knives.

Product Spec Sheets


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