3000 Series Slicer     

    Easy to use. Easy to clean. The totally redesigned 3000 Series makes the choice of your next slicer just as easy.

    3000 Product

    Quick Facts

    • Sharpening indicator tells you exactly when to sharpen
    • Select-a-Stroke™ remembers specified stroke lengths
    • Optional knife-removal system for easy cleaning

    Slicing simplified.

    What you were looking for in a slicer couldn’t have been simpler. You wanted a slicer that was easy to use and easy to clean. That simple request led to a whole new way to think about slicer design. Indeed, there are as many as nine patents pending on technologies we developed exclusively for the 3000 Series slicer. There is virtually no part of the slicer that has not been redesigned. 

    With all its simplicity, the slicer is both more precise and more productive, creating the quality slices you demand. Last and far from least, the 3000 Series has a number of new features to help protect the operator.

    Cleaning the 3000 Series is just as simple. And a lot faster, too.

    Like the increased ease of use, the reduced cleaning time is the result of a series of design changes. We enlarged the space between the motor housing and the back of the knife to make it easy to clean. The index knob has been moved out of the food zone and splash zone, so it won’t get soiled. And a new removable ring guard cover makes cleaning between the knife and ring guard a snap. There’s far less scrubbing, brushing or flossing to remove food that seems to have become one with the slicer.

    In our redesign of the slicer to make it easier to use, no detail was too small. No problem too big.

    The 3000 Series slicer incorporates a series of interrelated and integrated features that makes slicing easier and reduces operator fatigue. To reduce drag and thus operator fatigue, we made the cutting plane more upright—50 degrees—and combined that with the Enduralube™ carriage rail system that automatically self-lubricates. We put a glass bead finish and created new groove geometry on the product tray, gauge plate and top knife cover to lower friction and drag.