Food Preparation


Salad Dryer

Gently saving you money.

Salad Dryer Product

Quick Facts

  • Available in polyethylene (SDPE) and stainless steel (SDPS) outer tub and lid
  • One-piece molded base, fully sealed, stainless steel-reinforced polyethylene with built-in stainless steel motor splash guard
  • 5-minute timer conveniently located on top
  • Easy-load polyethylene spin basket with hand grips
  • PVC extension tube for connection to floor drain or container up to 22.8 cm high without splashing

Easy to use and easy to clean.

Hobart salad dryers can add up to three days to the shelf life of your greens and reduce salad dressing cost by as much as 15%.

The gentle-spinning speed removes water without damaging or bruising the salad greens (fresh or bagged). All within minutes. The removal of the excess water reduces dressing costs up to 15%, as excess water typically dilutes dressings. So if you want to stop diluting your profits, take your salad vegetables for a spin with Hobart salad dryers.

Product Spec Sheets


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