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Legacy® Floor Mixer

Hobart Legacy Mixers deliver repeat performances daily. So you can, too.

Legacy Floor Product

Quick Facts

  • Available in 28-. 37.8-, 56.7-, 75.7, 132.4-liter models
  • Exclusive swing-out bowl for ease of adding, taking out product; mounting and changing bowls
  • Major components tested under extreme conditions by the Hobart Technical Center, unique in the industry, for durability and dependability
  • Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology for changing speeds while mixer is running
  • Power Bowl Lift button takes heavy lifting out of mixing
  • SmartTimer™ for precise mixing

The Legacy provides reliable support.

The Legacy continues the Hobart tradition of supporting your performances, day in and day out. It’s why it’s called the Legacy. The Legacy is following in the footprints of Hobart mixers that have been providing reliable support since Herbert Johnson, a founder of Hobart, invented the first mixer. Hobart mixers have been faithfully whipping, beating and kneading ever since—delivering the mix consistency that has set an industry standard.

Unique in the industry, the Hobart Technical Center tests major components under extreme conditions to discover whether a mixer can stand up to years of demanding foodservice and food retail use. They put the Legacy’s Power Bowl Lift and switches through tests that run for hundred of thousands of cycles.

Similar tests are performed based on electrical, mechanical, vibration, shock, humidity, voltage, cleaning chemicals and food criteria. So far, among all the mixers tested, only one has passed. The Legacy.

Almost a century of consistency.

Although the Legacy incorporates many mixing innovations—the swing-out bowl, Shift-on-the-Fly and more—the fixed agitator speeds are exactly the same, ensuring that you get the same mixing consistency you’ve always had with your Hobart mixer.

The SmartTimer is a 15-minute timer that lets you be even more precise in the consistency of your mixes. In fact, the Legacy mixer gives you a lot more control over the mixing process. You can Shift-on-the-Fly and change speeds while the mixer is running. You can also add ingredients without worrying about product splash-out with Stir Speed.

Product Spec Sheets


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