Food Preparation


Food Preparation

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Even if you’re prepping food for a crowd, you can offer legendary quality and consistency down to the smallest detail. Hobart’s full line of food preparation equipment lets you cut big jobs down to size without sacrificing consistency, all the way to the final chop, dice or slice.

We understand that for any large prep job, consistent results are vital—yet you still have to stay on top of quantity. From processors to peelers, Hobart’s food preparation equipment delivers. We can shorten even the longest prep times with help from high-torque motors and heavy-duty blades and bowls. Simple controls and thoughtful construction mean ease of use from first cut to cleanup. And, of course, each unit comes equipped with the attention to operator safety and exceptional service only Hobart can provide.


Ideal for high-volume or on-demand processors looking for clean-cut, premium-appearance meat.

Cutter Mixers

Prepare sauce or dough quickly in batches up to 45 quarts.

Food Cutters

Expand your menu the easy way with attachments that can slice, shred or chop ingredients for everything from desserts to salads.

Food Processors

Slice, dice and chop with greater speed and consistency with our easy-to-clean, safety-first processor.

Meat Saws

Stainless, open-frame design saves valuable floor space and cleaning time while flawlessly cutting through product.


The industry standard for more than 75 years, thanks to outstanding performance, reliability and an end-user-focused, easy-to-clean design.


Hobart Mixer/Grinders mix and grind meat without smashing it.


Save time and money with peelers that eliminate bruising or flats while reducing cleanup time.

Power Drive Units

The ideal secondary-food machine—perfect for slicing, shredding, cutting or grating—that can also be used with the Hobart 22cm Vegetable Slicer.


Make the most out of every cut of meat with Hobart tenderizers.

Salad Dryers

Reduce produce and dressing waste with this durable, easy-to-clean dryer.


Whether your needs are light, medium or heavy duty, we have the slicer for you.