Durable, hard-working, reliable Vulcan Fryers. Built to last, easy to clean, even easier to operate.

Vulcan Fryers

Our innovative KleenScreen PLUS® a self contained oil filtration system - the best in the industry - extends oil life, lowers fryer main gifoperating costs and boosts your ROI. Plus, we offer models perfect for any size operation. Vulcan Fryers. As tough as the restaurant business itself.

Our economy LG Gas Series Fryers, easy to clean, and offer an outstanding value.

Vulcan's GR Gas Series Fryers offer the ultimate in performance and selection with four different types of controls to meet every day demand.

Our ER50 Series Fryers are ENERGY STAR® rated with ribbon-style heating elements that have more surface areas than conventional elements yielding quick recovery times.

Vulcan's KleenScreen PLUS® patented filtrations system are designed with simple operation in mind; animproved oil return assembly offering a choice of Stainless Steel Fine Mesh or our Micro-Filtration Fabric Envelope that greatly enhances oil filtering process by removing particulate down to 0.5 microns and offers on button touch filtering.

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