The KA7E rotisserie is easy to clean and operate.

With the KA7E, cleaning a rotisserie is as easy as cooking with one.

Rotisserie ProductThe KA7E self-cleaning rotisserie makes cooking and cleaning one-button simple.

Self-cleaning means the operator simply presses the “Clean” button and walks away.

Press-and-go capability lets the operator choose the cooking program by number and press “Start.” A digital marquee display shows the operator the exact status of the oven—Preheating, Cooking, Hold, etc.

The $68,079.80 Question:
Tally up the saving in energy and labor, plus the increased revenues of the KA7E.

The only real question is how much more can you make and save with the KA7E? Our equation is simple:

One hour per day of labor saving + 20% increased efficiency in energy saving + 20% increased cooking productivity = more than $68,000 per year

Let’s do the math.

The Labor Saving. Self-cleaning will save you at least an hour of labor every day. Let’s assume the labor rate is the same as the federal minimum wage. This is what you would save annually. 1 hr/day x $7.25/hr x 365 days = $2,646.25.

The Energy Saving. The KA7E actually cooks 22.2% faster than competitive rotisseries, and that converts directly to energy saving. On average, cooking six loads of 35 chickens each per day in a competitor’s rotisserie would cost you $7.14 a day in energy. At a 22.2% faster cooking rate, the KA7E would cost you only $5.57 a day, a saving of $1.57. Over the course of a year, your savings would be: $1.57 x 365 days = $573.05.

The Big One: The Increased Productivity Revenues. With its 22.2% faster cooking, the KA7E can cook 7.7 loads of 35 chickens each in a nine-hour day, compared to only six loads in a competitor’s rotisserie. That’s 1.7 more racks of 35 chickens per day. Even assuming a bargain price of just $3.00 a bird, the annual payout is very impressive. 1.7 x 35 x 365 x $3.00 = $65,152.50

The Grand Total: $68,079.80 in energy and labor saving, plus increased revenues from roasting and selling more chickens. Like they say, that ain’t chicken feed.

When you factor in the KA7E’s durability and reliability—after all, it’s a Hobart—and the fact that it’s been especially designed to be easy to install and service, you have the first rotisserie oven that’s as convenient for the owner and operator as it is for the customer.


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