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The Perfect Combination

Combi Product

Quick Facts

  • Three cooking modes: convection, steam and combination mode
  • Provide consistent results every time
  • Ease to use - operator simply cans barcode and presses "Start" on the combi oven
  • Lets you create any number of recipes, each with a unique barcode
  • Turn every recipe into a barcode with the patent-pending Hobart Combi® Barcode Scanner

From end to beginning, the perfect combination.

Hobart took an unusual approach when we designed our combi ovens. We started with the end result: the perfectly prepared food you present to your customer.

A roasted chicken, perhaps, with a crisp, golden skin and fall-off-the-bone juicy meat with virtually no shrinkage. Or pan after pan of "Healthy-Fry" French fries, deep-fat crispy—without the deep fat. Or rethermalized cook/chill meals that come out with their original freshness restored.

Versatility and efficiency have made combi ovens the workhorses of today's kitchens in both foodservice and food retail. Now Hobart has taken all the advantages of combination cooking and fine-tuned them to produce the consistent, customer-pleasing results you want. That's what makes a Hobart Combi® Oven the centerpiece of your productive kitchen.

Three modes, endless possibilities. Three cooking modes give Hobart Combi Ovens their versatility in baking, grilling, roasting, steaming, proofing, rethermalization, low-temp cooking, "Healthy-Fry" techniques and high-yield, low-shrinkage Delta-T cooking.

Convection mode. Cook with dry convection heat. An automatic vent lets out humidity, for the bone-dry environment that's perfect for pastries, breads, coloring and glazing. Inject steam at any time with a touch of a humidifier button.

Steam mode. Cook with fan-assisted steaming up to 212°F to steam fish, shellfish, rice, vegetables and meats, or for poaching terrines and pâtés.

Combination mode. Cook in convection mode while maintaining the humidity levels you want, from 0% to 100%, reducing shrinkage and weight loss. Combination mode is ideal for meat and poultry dishes, regenerating meals, bain-marie cooking and plated banqueting.

Consistent results, anywhere, everywhere, every time.

It's your signature entrée. It has to be cooked, just right, the same way, every time. Your customers know what to expect. Whether their meal is prepared in your foodservice kitchen or a high-volume operation, whether it's a popular grab-and-go deli item or a complete take-home meal from your in-store kitchen, what you and your customers want is consistency.

Hobart Combi Ovens deliver that consistency and repeatability. We've taken temperature and humidity control to a new level—and handed the controls to you.

For the perfect meal every time, just scan and serve.

It might look like a simple barcode, but it's actually a delicious recipe for ricotta lasagna.

Scan and press Start. A new deminsion in ease of operation.

Now you can quickly and easily turn your every recipe into a barcode that your staff can simply scan for cooking in a Hobart Combi® Oven. All the operator has to do is load the product and press Start.

The combi oven automatically loads the cooking program and goes into preheat mode when the barcode is scanned. In fact, with its built-in Bluetooth® technology, you can transmit your barcode recipes to the combi oven or extract with a Bluetooth-enabled computer, PDA or cell phone.

Once the product—lasagna, chicken, pork chops, fish filets or any number of recipes—is properly prepared by your staff, they just place it in the combi and press Start. The result is a delicious product cooked precisely the way you want it, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

The Hobart Combi Barcode Scanner Software. Its range is infinite. So is yours.

With Hobart’s exclusive combi scanner software, you’re no longer limited to the 100-recipe memory of the combi oven. In fact, you can create any number of recipes, each linked to a unique barcode. That’s because when you scan or transmit your barcode to the combi oven, you are literally sending the whole recipe to the oven.

As a result, your staff no longer has to scroll through the combi’s control panel, push multiple buttons for operation or even become trained on the controls of a combi, giving your staff more time to devote to other tasks, like preparing the product.

Creating the perfect recipe.

Designed expressly for programming the Hobart Combi Oven, Hobart’s scanner software guides you through all the phases (up to 10) of programming your recipe. At each phase, you can stipulate the mode of cooking (convection, steam or combination), the temperature setting, length of time or core probe function, humidity level and fan speed. Add another phase if your recipe requires it. When finished, simply save and transfer the program to the combi.

For complete cooking instructions, just press Print.

With Hobart’s patent-pending combi barcode scanner system, you can print a list of your recipes—each with its unique barcode—for your staff to scan. You can also paste your recipe barcodes directly into a custom document, providing your staff with the recipe and full preparation instructions.

The Hobart Scanner reads food and package barcodes, too.

Barcodes, of course, are ubiquitous. Every food package has one. Every box, too. Now you can link that barcode to a recipe stored in the combi for simply unheard-of speed and efficiency in preparing meals.

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