Rotating Rack Oven

Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens are ideal for baking, roasting or reheating a variety of food, thanks to our unique airflow system.

Rotating Rack Product

Quick Facts

  • Consistent heat from top to bottom means an even amount of heat dispersion throughout food for even baking
  • Steam system does not use nozzles in water distribution, preventing problems associated with bad water
  • Patented, self-contained spherical cast steam system also minimizes heat loss when oven door is opened

Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens: making it simpler for you to achieve perfectly cooked food.

The hallmark of all Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens is our unique airflow system. A ceiling-mounted axial fan continuously pulls air up the length of the heat exchanger and forces heated air across the unit and down the other side of the oven. When the oven’s timer is started, the heavy-duty rack automatically lifts and begins to rotate, further ensuring even distribution of heat across every product in the oven. Cold and hot pockets are eliminated as consistent temperatures are maintained.

This airflow combines with our self-contained spherical cast steam system to provide even heat and moisture dispersion, which in turn provides a perfectly even bake. The steam system controls steam and humidity without the nozzles that are prone to the clogging, scaling and other problems associated with bad water. Consistent water volume is provided through a wide pressure range, ensuring a repeatable steam/bake every time.

Designed to keep up with changing tastes.

Baxter ovens are designed to be versatile and flexible enough to generate a wide range of products. This makes it possible to respond quickly and economically to changing products and tastes. Versatile design technology is perfect for producing breads, pastries, cookies, meats, casseroles and more.

Strong, reliable, ready to work.

From the moment it arrives, you know that the Baxter Rotating Rack Oven is going to be cooking for quite some time. Every one is constructed from durable stainless steel by a team dedicated to building that particular model. And each one is overflowing with features that last, beginning with built-in rollers and levelers for easy installation.